Covid-19 Information

Staying well in the season of Covid-19, the new Coronavirus:
Gratitude to our governor and our local Public Health Department for early intervention, but now we need to be good neighbors for each other to keep this from getting more out of control.

Our office is seeing sick people outside, just in case, and we are conducting Telehealth visits for all patients for any visits that do not require physical exams; we had been postponing routine annual exams, but are cautiously open for those with new safety precautions. Group visits are being conducted virtually for the indefinite future. Please do your part to maintain social distancing to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

In the meanwhile, my usual recommendations for preventing and treating respiratory infections are found here:
Respiratory Infections now with some additions for Covid-19 itself.
See also specific information regarding:
issues with testing.
Vaccines in the time of Corona

And the news I am watching about the epidemic?
Interactive map by county(external link)
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center(external link)
Humboldt County case numbers: Humboldt cases - graphics(external link)
Projections(external link)

Testing for Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2)
There are issues with testing. We ARE offering Covid-19 testing for those with significant symptoms. There is also a reasonably accurate antibody test available locally, which we are ordering for those who believe they have been exposed or ill starting at least 2 weeks previously, though interpretation of that result may need to be discussed in a visit. I have posted about specificity and positive predictive value here. If you have friends with symptoms, tell them to get tested - triaging and staying home when sick is no longer the best advice - now that tests are more available, we should test anyone who might have it so that contacts can be traced.

Thank you to those who have offered masks – my staff creatively sourced some N95 masks from the tractor store, and we have a scheme for safely reusing after a delay, so we are set for now.

Keep safe, and keep taking care of each other. - Connie