The Full Circle Center for Integrative Medicine was open from December 1999 to March 2008, when it closed, so that Dr. Connie Basch could leave to teach at a Family Medicine Residency at Family Medicine of Southwest Washington in Vancouver, WA. (She felt an urgency to pass along some insights, thinking she might not live long because of the delayed diagnosis of thyroid cancer caused by an initial false negative biopsy.)

She received several teaching awards, spoke at national conferences, and contributed to the education of 8 classes of residents, but home was calling, and she returned in November 2013 when to her pleasant surprise she found herself still alive 5 years after the recurrence of the cancer.

Covid-19 Season update
Our Hours: We are currently open, but seeing most patients via Telehealth. IF you are ill, call us and we will determine how best to assess you.

Supplement purchases: Call ahead - we will take payment over the phone and bring your items out to your car. We are selling limited quantities of immune supplements because of backorder issues with our suppliers.

Monday and Tuesday 8:15 am - 3 pm
Wednesday - Friday 8:15 am - 5 pm
First and Third Saturday of each month 9 am - 2 pm - Closed Saturdays right now due to Covid-19
Phones are off from 8:15 - 8:30 and 12:00 - 1:30.

We are currently closed to new patients, since Connie is only one person. We apologize to those we would love to see but simply cannot right now.

Power Outages: in the event of a PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) our office will be closed and staff will be contacting all patients who had appointments during that time to offer re-scheduling once power has turned back on.

Staying well in the season of Covid-19, the new Coronavirus:
As of 10/25/2020 we are up to 562 confirmed cases in Humboldt, but still doing well compared to other parts of the country. Gratitude to our local Public Health Department for their effective intervention, and let's continue to be good neighbors for each other to keep this under control.

Our office is seeing sick people outside, and we are conducting Telehealth visits for all patients for any visits that do not require physical exams; we are cautiously seeing pre-screened patients inside with safety precautions. Group visits are being conducted virtually for the indefinite future. Please do your part to maintain social distancing to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

Find more information from me at Covid-19 Information - we are offering NP swabs and antibody tests to patients where appropriate.

Thank you to those who have offered masks – my staff creatively sourced some N95 masks from the tractor store, and we have a scheme for safely reusing after a delay, so we are set for now. For those who need to go to medical settings and would like a medical grade mask, we have some N95 masks we can provide to patients for protection.

Keep safe, and keep taking care of each other. - Connie

ALERT: Hearing Delayed
Current issue with the Medical Board of California

The Medical Board of California is accusing Dr. Basch (me) of negligence for continuing to prescribe opioids for legacy* patients living with chronic pain. This was not based on any adverse outcome for any individual patient. I declined their initial probation offer because it required me to stipulate the accuracy of all elements of the Accusation, which I cannot do, given it is riddled with factual inaccuracies and misinterpretations. They also asked me to stop prescribing controlled substances right in the midst of the above Public Health crisis. Were I to do that, they SHOULD accuse me of patient abandonment, since there are extremely limited alternative options for these patients.

I consider myself a conscientious objector to the current policies that are forcing tapers on stable patients. The Medical Board has successfully decreased prescriptions with the guidelines they published in 2014 and their aggressive prosecution of physicians since then, mislabeling those who disagreed as negligent:
But here is the result:
I believe the intentions of those creating and enforcing these policies may have been good, but they are increasing deaths, NOT decreasing them, and appear not to be monitoring their results or modifying their approach in response. I will not participate in something I believe causes harm.

The Hearing for this matter was tentatively scheduled for October 26,2020 in Oakland, to be conducted virtually. It is now postponed - we will notify patients when there is some clarity.

For the 5 patients mentioned in the complaint, I did not escalate pain medication use for any of these patients to the dosage levels on which they arrived at my practice, but I have worked with them where they are and doses went up when they had surgery or new injuries, then coming down over time. All are currently at lower doses of medication than when they established care with me.

Please be aware there are two (or more) sides to most stories. I take "Do No Harm" very seriously and have studied Pain Management in great depth, even teaching about this topic at several national conferences. In our pain management program I have helped more patients lower their doses or get off opioids than I have maintained. I feel my care is compassionate and evidence-based. Nonetheless, I acknowledge there are reasonable differences of opinion about what is the correct medical approach to such patients, and the care of human beings, who do not always follow their doctors' advice, can be messy. I have written more For those who want more details <--Link

-Connie Basch, MD

  • Legacy Pain Patients - These are patients whose doses were escalated above current guideline levels prior to the guidelines being put in place and/or prior to my assuming their care.

And to my current patients:
Here is a May 15 2019 letter about medical board issue we have available in the office explaining the situation.

What we ask you NOT to do:

Please DO NOT transfer all your records out at this time.
We are optimistic we will be able to fight this. We are hopeful that my diligence, and the multiple letters from local physicians and patients which are being requested in my support, will turn this back.

While all of this is going on, I continue to work to take care of you all, and to advocate for you with insurance companies, pharmacies, and so on. As many of you know, that means working more than 100 hours per week most weeks (all of you who have received 11 pm or 3 am e-mails know what I am talking about), so I do not have the bandwidth for 1600 patients to suddenly ask for me to put together materials for a transfer that hopefully is not even going to happen.

Similarly, my staff are calling consultants for records, calling insurance companies to try to get your tests and medications authorized and so on. Please let them do that work and not get distracted with records releases that are not truly needed. If you actually have an appointment scheduled somewhere let us know where and when and we will do our best make sure relevant records are there by that time.

My office manager has been in communication with the manager for the Open Door System, and they have assured us that they will work with us to get patient needs met if the worst comes to pass. We will talk with other practices in the area as well if it looks like that is what is going to happen.

If the worst comes to pass, I promise the records will be available even after the license is pulled: I have always placed a premium on patient safety, and will continue to work to make sure handoffs are complete, that new providers get summaries and relevant records.


Gratitude for Support

I am grateful for the support of the community, who have known me for the last 23 years and know the caliber of my work and my degree of dedication. I am also grateful for the support of the medical community, many of whom have expressed surprise at this accusation and have offered or written letters in support of my continued practice. It is chilling that two of my colleagues who refer patients to me and who have expressed support are afraid to write letters of support because they are concerned it will draw attention to them, but I certainly understand their positions as well. SeeLetters of Support for just a small sample of the letters which have been written.