ADHD - Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit Disorder is being diagnosed increasingly frequently in Children and Adults, which may relate to looser diagnostic criteria and drug company promotion, but also likely to a real increased prevalence of symptoms, which may be related to a variety of environmental, nutritional, and behavioral factors.

Image ADHD Diet And Natural Treatment Handout - Handout on ADHD and diet, supplements supported by the evidence

Image Attention Deficit For NCAMHP - slides from a lecture to NCAMHP in April 2015
Image ADHD Lecture Handout - handout for the talk

Or view the slides here:

Useful forms:
Image ADHD Parent Intake Questionnaire - A Parent Questionnaire for initial history
Image Adult Psych Adhd Checklist - A Screening Questionnaire for Adults
Image VanderbiltAssesScaleParent - Vanderbilt Assessment forms for Parents
Image VanderbiltAssesScaleTeacher - Vanderbilt Assessment form for Teachers

And other resources:
Check out the resources at IM4US.org on ADHD