Services Provided

Family Medicine

We provide family medicine care "from cradle to grave," that is for people of all ages, but will not be providing obstetric care (so Connie can spend time with her daughter.)
Connie has a solo practice. She is on call for established patients 24 hours per day. She will provide most of her own hospital care at Mad River Community Hospital but may at times make use of hospitalists.

Integrative Medicine Consultation

If you are comfortable with and wish to continue care with your regular physician, but would like a consultation to explore additional options for treatment for a particular condition, we are happy to see you for an integrative medicine consultation and work with your primary care provider to coordinate your care.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture can be helpful in conditions with an energetic component, where the flow of energy along meridians is blocked. This is particularly appropriate for neurological problems, digestive issues, and chronic pain problems but also has application for respiratory problems, reproductive issues, psychiatric issues and more. Acupuncture is especially useful in resolving physical problems related to tension, stress and emotional conditions.
Check out the research on acupuncture HERE(external link)


Heroin and misuse of opioids have become a scourge of our community, and "Just say no" has not been a successful approach. Buprenorphine can help improve success rates for those trying to quit. We prescribe this for individual patients and are working to gather enough patients for a group/Shared Medical Visit as below.

Shared Medical Visits

Group visits provide a wonderful mechanism to allow more time for education, to provide opportunities for people with similar challenges to support each other and to receive support, and to keep costs down. There is no holistic surcharge for group visits at Full Circle. We plan to conduct Healing Groups for people living with chronic pain, for people with diabetes, for people with coronary artery disease (heart disease) and risk factors for that, and possibly for other conditions.

Virtual Visits

There are visits that can be conducted by e-mail or telephone that do not require that you come into the office. This service is only available for established patients - you need to have seen me in the office at least once in the past year. See our Virtual Visits page for more information regarding payment through PayPal and further details.


Stan Vanella uses Neurofeedback, HeartMath, PEMF and a variety of other tools to support patients with memory loss, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and sleep issues, and chronic pain in managing these issues.
Times Standard Article on Neurofeedback for Memory loss(external link)

Nutritional Consultation

A nutrition consultation can provide education, guidance, and support in achieving your diet and
lifestyle related health goals. Many chronic conditions can be improved with diet and lifestyle
shifts. A nutrition consultation may inspire you toward more conscious eating, and help you to
witness first-hand, the healing power of fresh, whole (real) food. Let food be thy medicine is
attributed to Hippocrates who lived in fifth century BC. He was the father of western medicine
and recognized the value of eating well and using certain foods to promote health in specific
ways. Somewhere along the way this wisdom has been largely tossed aside. Sometimes, of
course, western medicines are necessary, and a healthful diet can help support side effects of
medicines and/or your overall health, wellness and vibrancy.

Health Coaching and Interactive Guided Imagery