Patient Portal Information

The Patient Portal is a secure web-based system which allows you to communicate with our office and access portions of your medical record. The Patient Portal is available only upon invitation and will require a username and a password.

The portal is available at any time for non-urgent issues and allows you to bypass the phone system, communicating with our office at your convenience. The portal allows you to:
  • View and print selected health information and medication records
  • Request or cancel appointments
  • View messages and educational materials from your provider
  • Pose questions to your provider
  • View limited lab test results
  • Pay bills with our practice

You will be notified by e-mail if you have a message or results to review on the portal.

By using the Patient Portal, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
  • Take steps to keep portal communications private and confidential including:
  • Update contact information online as soon as it changes, including your e-mail address
  • Keep your username and password safe and private
  • Avoid communicating per personal e-mails

When posing questions to the practice:
  • Use is limited to NON-URGENT communication and requests
  • Communication following an appointment to clarify recommendations will be provided at no charge
  • Please allow up to 24 hours or the next business day to respond to communications; the portal may not be checked on the weekend
  • Virtual visits may be available for some new complaints, at a charge.
  • If the matter is urgent, a phone call to the office to notify us of your request is recommended
  • Important note: our portal is temperamental and will time out and erase your message if you take more than a couple of minutes composing it. We recommend you compose in a word processing document and cut and paste into the portal.

The following agreements and procedures relate to online communications:
  • Copies of all medically important Patient Portal communications will be saved in your electronic medical record
  • Patient Portal communications will be used only for limited purposes and cannot be used for emergencies, highly sensitive medical information, or time sensitive matters

Risks of using Online Patient Portal Communications
All medical communications carry some level of risk. While the likelihood of risks associated with the Portal is low, it is possible for online communications to be forwarded, intercepted, or even changed without your knowledge. We use a secure network for the patient portal to minimize this risk.

In order to use the portal, we will ask you to sign this consent form:

FCC Patient Portal Informed Consent.
Return it to us and we can invite you to participate in the Portal.