There is a lot of information on the internet, some reliable and some less so. These are the sites we recommend for seeking further information


Connie is the webmistress for this site (notice the similarities!) and most of her favorite handouts are posted here, in addition to teaching materials and other links and resources.
For research:
  • Google Scholar: scholar.google.com. This weeds out all the commercial sites and gives you only research articles.

Living Healthy - Recommended Websites for Healthy Living

Healthy Eating



And check out many apps available for your phone, like Take a Break, Simply Being, Qi Gong Meditation, and others

Health and the Environment

Dietary Supplements

  • Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets(external link)
  • ConsumerLab(external link) – investigates the quality of various supplements (Connie has a subscription, so if you are researching something in particular let us know and we can give you some tips)
  • Pill Advised(external link) - Drug-Supplement Interaction - enter your medication and supplement list for information about herb and supplement interactions with pharmaceuticals
Inexpensive sources:
Pacific Botanicals for bulk herbs
And there are many wonderful local herbalists in Humboldt - support them if you are able!

Calculating Your Risk

Chronic Disease - recommended websites for people living with chronic disease

Healing Chronic Disease(external link) - – for chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease


Heart Disease


  • Authentic Happiness(external link) – positive psychology, like a questionnaire about your strengths and virtues, not all your shortcomings
  • MoodGym(external link) – online cognitive therapy
The Science of Happiness(external link) - free online course in positive psychology

Chronic Pain

  • Healing Groups - Materials from group visits for chronic pain, addressing nutrition and pain, relaxation techniques, pacing and adaptation, etc. - we will be posting Connie's Healing Group materials soon


There are a number of helpful resources for patients who are dealing with malignancy. Some of our favorites are:
The Journey Through Cancer - Jeremy Geffen
Love, Medicine, & Miracles - Bernie Siegel
Kitchen Table Wisdom - Rachel Naomi Remen

A brief introduction to cancer terminology is found at Understanding Cancer(external link)


  • What next(external link): blog for people to connect and share their experiences regarding cancer and treatments info on treatments
  • Imermans Angels(external link) - one on one peer support
  • Care Calender(external link): – on line calendar to organize and schedule help for people with medical issues
  • Lotsa Helping Hands(external link) - allows people to let friends/family know what they need
  • My Life Line(external link): online way to connect with family and friends
Financial self empowerment tools:
  • Simplee(external link) - simple way to track and pay medical bills
  • Give forward(external link) - online fund raising tool
  • Med gift – gift registry for patients to register for things they need (ex: wig)

Resources for young adults with cancer:

www.imtooyoungforthis.org(external link)
www.stepsforliving.org(external link)
http://myplanet.planetcancer.org/(external link)
www.ulmanfund.org(external link)
www.livestrong.org(external link)
www.lls.org/yaconnect(external link)

And for kids and their families:

American Childhood Cancer Organization(external link)

Treatment options

Specific cancers:

Mesothelioma(external link)

Resources for ADHD:

Check out the resources at IM4US.org on ADHD

Pages for Kids

In general, less screen time is better, but these websites have reasonable materials aimed at kids:

Travel Information