Welcome to the Full Circle Herbal Pharmacy!

We began an herbal formulary for the convenience of patients seen in our practice and so that we could ensure the quality and identity of the herbs and supplements our patients are taking for the prevention or treatment of illness, as much as one is able to in this unregulated field.

Our Formulary (we can no longer display prices - please call to ask, but generally low because we do not charge a retail markup):

Our supplement list is available here: Image Supplement Inventory For Website

Please see below for information about our low income discounts.

We are also able to special order a number of supplements. Check out the Catalog from Fullscripts(external link)


We do not recommend supplements to clients for our own profit. The small markup we add to the wholesale price covers the cost of making these products available to our patients. Many of the same or similar supplements are available at Moonrise Herbs, the North Coast Co-op or Eureka Natural Foods; however, many of them cannot be obtained elsewhere in the area. Patients are encouraged to explore these options at their discretion.


The Full Circle Herbal Pharmacy is open to the general public as well as to our former patients. However, we do require that you have a recommendation or prescription from a health care provider for the substances you wish to buy. Please indicate the name of the health care provider recommending your supplements In your e-mail when you order. Why we do this

If you have trouble obtaining a recommendation from your current health care provider, inquire in your e-mail so that you can check in with Connie about your current condition to get a recommendation.

1. Phone: (707) 840-4701
2. Email: pharmacy at fullcirclemed.org
3. Snail Mail:
Full Circle Center
4641 Valley East Blvd
Arcata, CA 95521
4. Delivery: Shipping is also available. Local delivery may be available within a defined area for an additional charge.

Questions? pharmacy at fullcirclemed.org

Please e-mail your order to pharmacy at fullcirclemed.org


Please do not make a payment until you receive confirmation of the total amount due via email.


If your family income is below 150% of the federal poverty Guidelines, please ask about our Low Income Price List.

2013 Guidelines:

Family Size150% Poverty Guideline
1$17, 235.00
541,355.00 4
647,385.00 5

Why we ask for a prescription

Back when the practice was founded, in 1999, we wrote the State Board of Equalization. It had come to our attention that prescription medications are not charged sales tax. We told them we would be prescribing dietary supplements and herbs to treat and prevent diseases and suggested we did not want to charge sales tax on these items because they were being prescribed like pharmaceuticals. The state wrote back and agreed we do not need to charge sales tax if these items are used in this way. It is one more way we try to keep your natural medicine affordable.

In addition, many herbs and supplements have the potential for drug interactions or side effects in certain patients. It is wise to have a health care provider review your medical conditions and all that you are taking to confirm your regimen is safe and likely to be effective.