Virtual Visits

What are Virtual Visits?

You can read more about virtual office visits here(external link).

These are visits that can be conducted via email or telephone and don’t require that you come into the office. They are only available for established patients (you must have visited me in my office at least once prior to using this service).
I need to have seen you within the last year.

They can be used for new or existing problems, which, in my opinion, don’t require face to face care.
Examples of appropriate virtual visits:
  • Follow up on cholesterol or thyroid problems
  • Uncomplicated sinus or urinary tract infections.

Examples of inappropriate virtual visits:
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bleeding
  • High fever
  • Chest pain.
Call 911 now for any of these issues!

Don’t use virtual visits for things that need to be seen right away. Instead call 707-840-4701 or use our portal to request an appointment. I’ll get to virtual visits usually within 24 hours, but there are times when it might take up to 72 hours.

Paying for a virtual visit

As of 2021, more insurance companies are paying for virtual visits, including Medicare, so be aware we may be billing your insurance. The charge for a virtual visit is generally $15 - 30. If you are not insured, this is payable through paypal prior to starting the visit. If I review your virtual visit information and think you should come in, I’ll apply your on-line payment to your office visit charge.

How to make a virtual visit

1. Please pay for your visit here if you would like to. If you have insurance, you can wait to see if we bill and if it is covered by your insurer.

Virtual Visit

The charge for a virtual visit is $15 -$30 depending on the complexity of the question.

2. Please use the portal to email me with your question or problem or call 707-840-4701. Give me as many details as possible - when did the problem begin, how has it changed, what is happening for you now. Please also include which pharmacy you go to if you think you might need a prescription medication.

3. After you send me your information, I will contact you, usually via email but possibly via phone, as to treatment/ follow up suggestions for your medical issues. Return contact typically will occur within 24 hours (but possibly up to 72 hours). If you do not hear back, please contact me again, as sometimes messages do not go through.