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Healing Groups for people living with Chronic Pain

We manage pain at Full Circle primarily in the setting of Healing Groups - Shared medical visits where 8-10 people living with chronic pain meet for 2 hours every 2 weeks for 12 sessions.
Research on similar programs has shown that by the end 87% of participants say they are:
•More able to manage symptoms
•Less depressed, less anxious


Groups include time to learn about and put into practice new techniques regarding:
  • The physical causes of pain, and ways to decrease it
  • Different ways to relax
  • How to pace yourself
  • New ideas regarding self-care and self-nurturance
  • Communication techniques to be more clear with caregivers as well as colleagues, friends and family
  • The ways proper exercise and nutrition can improve your condition and strategies for making change with limited budget and energy
  • How to change negative thoughts that interfere with your coping

Groups also provide the opportunity to get support and information from other people who are dealing with similar symptoms.

Healing Group Introduction(external link) - this is a recording made during a recent makeup session for the Healing Group initial visit. It provides an overview of our approach

Session Materials for Healing Groups

- the handouts from the groups and some of the slides are found on this page


Groups are generally billed to insurance as a shared medical visit, as xray and laboratory results are reviewed, medications are refilled and medical complaints are addressed. For those whose insurance is not accepted, there may be options to attend for a small class fee.

NCAMHP talk - slides from a lecture on integrative pain management given to local Mental Health Professionals in September 2014
Image NCAMHP Talk PDF Version