We are starting to see patients via a HIPAA-compliant video chat system using Zoom now. You can use your PC, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device to use AdvancedTelemedicine.

After you make the appointment, an email will be sent to your email
address to confirm the appointment, and with instructions on how to join the teleconference.
Note: The email can take up to thirty minutes to be sent. If you do not see the email after thirty
minutes, check your spam folder.

You should join the session a few minutes before your scheduled appointment so you have time to
download and install the necessary programs and get set up.
1. Click the link in the email.
2. Click Join Session.
3. Install the telemedicine plugin (first time only).
4. Read the terms and conditions and click I accept.
a. Enter Payment information, if prompted. Your credit card will be authorized for the
displayed amount.
b. Click Make Payment.
c. Click Next once your card is authorized.
5. Enter the reason for the visit.
6. Click Enter Waiting Room.
7. Wait for the Doctor to open the call.
8. When the Doctor has started the visit, click Join.

Enter the Teleconference using an iPhone or iPad or Android
If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the app from the Apple Store.
If you are using an Android device, you will need to install the Zoom plug-in.
If you are having trouble with this, try the Zoom website(external link)

Join a Telemedicine session
1. Open the email from the practice and click the link to join the session.
2. If prompted, enter the appointment code received in the telemedicine confirmation email.
3. After you join the session, the Important Information screen opens, where you must agree to
the conditions before continuing. Tap Cancel to return to the telemedicine main screen.

You may be asked to give permission to use audio and video on your device

We are going to be billing insurance for these visits as we would for an in-person office visit.

Please talk to our staff about any copays you may have with your insurance.

If the doctor has not yet connected to the session, the Waiting Room screen displays as you wait for the doctor to join.

Downloadable instructions: Image Telemedicine Patient Documentation